10 Tips On How To Live Happily Ever After


1. Be healthy

Being healthy is like wearing a comfortable pair of shoes when you go for a long journey. It will bring strength and confidence, furthermore, it will bring you good self-esteem. Also, healthy bodies are usually considered beautiful ones too.

2. Accept that life is finite and that you won’t live forever

Don’t be afraid of whatever diseases or limitations will come. Understand that diseases come and go, some stay forever, some are a limitation and others shorten your years on earth. Except for cognitive decline you will always be able to control your feelings, to find hope and happiness on what is around you. Remember, that nowadays physical suffering is increasingly well controlled by medicine. In conclusion, the only suffering that you can cure is psychological.

3. Know all your fears and take them as possibilities

Everyone has fears. Fear of cognitive decline, fear of poverty, fear of becoming lonely and unhelpful, fear of losing opportunities or taking the wrong decision, fear for their loving ones. Face your fears. Not all these things will happen but some of them surely are. Bad things happen. You will sometimes fail, loose a chance or make a bad decision. If you understand that all these might come, the easier it will be to deal with it, because you can begin to prepare right now. Do your best and don’t fear the rest.

4. Know yourself

Know things that make you happy (I’m not saying wish for things that you think will make you happy!). Recognize people who make you feel good and that deserve your trust and loyalty, look for food and music you enjoy, afford small pleasures in life.

Have good principles. Whatever you do to others remember it will come back to you. Imagine you have been disloyal to someone, you will probably be unable to trust others because like you, they too could fail.

5. Invest in Self-improvement

Try to bring the best of you every day in your life. Good mood is contagious. Feel good with your acts, feel good with what you think (expect the best but learn how to be assertive), feel good even with how you look. Learn throughout your life. Learn about new cultures, new languages or a new sport…does not matter the subject, as long as you keep learning.

6. Don’t procrastinate

Procrastinating is a way of spend energy and time for nothing! It is like an alarm clock in your head ringing once in a while about something that you don’t want to do and that completely limits your chance of feeling completely happy.

7. “Feed” valuable relationships

Like you, no one will be there forever. Don’t take anyone for granted.

8. Trust before you distrust

The majority of the time it’s better to trust (having some risk in doing that) than to distrust without any motive.

9. Build stability

All the previous advice are also part of this one. If you find peace and grow strong with your principles, qualities, and together with those that are close to you… then you have done part of it. However there is something essential for stability that cannot be forgotten: have an emergency fund for unpredictable situations, live below your means, avoid fix expenses!

10. Pursuit your dreams



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Troy @ Market History

I think the most important thing is to pursue your own dreams. A lot of people spend too much time on forming relationships, friends, etc. Friends come and go, but your own success is purely your own. Nobody can take that away.