Anxiety – GOOD things you didn’t know about it


First of all, the definition…

Hello, my friends, today let’s talk about a topic that probably all of us had to face in our life at some point. Anxiety. By definition, some would say that “Anxiety” is a state of distress or even fear. Most of all we can agree that is an uncomfortable feeling probably due to some event.

Here are my thoughts:

1. Understand that anxiety is a normal emotion! Without some level of anxiety you could not:

  • Achieve good results because you wouldn’t feel motivate to achieve them;
  • Be more productive in face of a commitment, deadline or objective.

Think Anxiety as the speed of your car! It can make you go further, quicker, and to more places!

2. It’s manageable!

  • Anxiety is not a heavy planet that you carry, on your back;
  • It cannot be “your mood” 24/7. Your body will show the signs of dysfunctional anxiety. Thus learn how to recognize them and manage the situation by doing things that relax your mind.

You can control the speed of your car. You can slow down, for some moments, and then speed things up again.

3. Anxiety “talks to you”

  • If you are too anxious messages will be there for you to slow down. (Remember, you want to go there with safety…otherwise, you might not even complete the trip!). If the car is in a bumping street (hard job, important deadline, etc.) you have to slow down – face it, accept it, DON’T deny it (I have said this in 3 different ways so make sure you don’t forget it! DON’T DENY when you have to slow down). If you keep going either you will have an accident or break down your car – this could be a loss of health, time and usually money (even if this can be less important);
  • “Anxiety language”: Some examples would be don’t getting enough sleep (becomes hard because you cannot stop thinking, you can have nightmares, or simply feel you’re not fully relaxed/rested), you cannot concentrate, you find hard to enjoy work or other activities that you would normally enjoy, you can have bad memory, even forgetting important things.

4. Anxiety “brake” is accessible (wherever you are)

  • I like to think that anxiety is a fast car. You only have to learn how to brake efficiently and safely;
  • Holidays, gym, going out for dinner or watch a movie are good ways to “brake” and become more productive;
  • There are many easy (and free) useful brakes you must know and use! This is highly variable among people. In movies, big bosses would play mini golf (joking!). So, I let you know some of my “safety belts” or “brake pedals”.

Safety belts (they will help me go fast and well) – tea, water, other nice healthy drink you might enjoy; music; environment – sometimes you can make small changes like having a good view while working, an amulet or a picture that makes you feel good, (like the picture of someone that is important to you).

Brake pedals (the purpose is to release high dose of endorphins per unit of time!) – So that you can have a quick but highly beneficial break): have a 3-5 kg weight on your side to make 5-10 minutes exercise, walk around the room, call a good friend or family to whom you haven’t spoken for a long time. Remember that endorphins are good for your health, circulation, and brain! Therefore you should try it!

The End…

In conclusion, I believe anyone can “drive” anxiety into something positive, as long as you find your “Safety belts” and “Brake pedals”.

What do you think about this thoughts? Do you agree? How do you manage anxiety?


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Lacy Morgan

I have often thought of my anxiety in a similar matter. Anxiety I would say stems from the need for food, shelter and water by our ancestors. It’s a trigger for ne, to get things dmaccomplished and scratched off of my to-do list!