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Blog Traffic Update: 1477 Visitors (April 2017)


Welcome back! Visitors Update

April was an excellent month for the Blog. We had an increase in the numbers, especially in the final days.

First of all, let me say that the post will be short in words, but with images to compensate. Therefore I believe this way is better to grasp all the information.

Let me know if you have any doubt! Thanks.

An overall view of the first 3 months

So the total number of visitors for the 3 months is 2259. Here’s the breakdown by month.


And the graphic.


Let’s see in more detail April

Here we have the users and sessions per day. In conclusion, you can see that the final days were very active in comparison with the first ones.



Also the location of the visitors. You can see that the US is leading.


Another interesting fact: the browsers that the visitors use. Google is leading with Chrome and Android Webview.


Finally the number of Pageviews.


The end.

So I would say that the numbers of the blog are increasing at a reasonable pace. One of my goals eventually is to reach the 5000 users visiting in a single month. The strategies that I will use are:

  • Keep working on the social networks. I really have to improve the Pinterest side of the blog;
  • Increase and improve the promotion of the posts;
  • Work on the consistency of the number of posts per week. Thus I will try hard to keep it on the 3 times a week, and always on Monday, Wednesday and Friday;
  • Share good quality content. This is an obvious one, but it’s important to keep in mind;
  • Share my posts on other platforms. I will explain this in the future;
  • Interact with other bloggers, to learn from them.

And you reader, what do you think about this numbers? Do you have other strategies to build traffic?

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Troy @ Market History

That’s crazy growth! Just out of curiosity, why is your traffic skyrocketing towards the end of the month?


Out of curiosity, what did you do to increase your traffic? What worked and what didn’t? Would love to hear your strategies and sources!