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Blog Traffic Update: 1996 Visitors (May 2017)


Hello my Friends! Blog Update

May was a good month for the blog. There was an increase in the numbers. Unfortunately, in May I have entered a new project and from that day on, I had very little time to work on the blog. And to make new posts.

An overall view of the first 3 months

So the total number of visitors for the 4 months is 4255. Here’s the breakdown by month.


And the graphic.


Let’s see in more detail May

Here we have the users and sessions per day. In conclusion, you can see that the final days were very active in comparison with the first ones.



Another interesting fact: the browsers that the visitors use. Google is leading with Chrome and Android Webview.


Finally the number of Pageviews.


The end.

So I would say that the numbers of the blog are reasonable. Because of my new project it will be very hard to dedicate the time that I wanted to the blog. Now I will change to a different aproach, namely to write less posts, and try to mantain quality. Also to make them as useful as possible.

So for all you bloggers visiting this website, what strategies do you have to mantain a full time project plus your blog?
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