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6 Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Creativity Immediately


Why is Creativity Important?

Creativity is the process of having original ideas to create something. In a world with an increasingly use of automatic processes and all type of robots to do the repetitive tasks, I would say that being creative is one of the most valuable skills that any individual could have.

One of the misconceptions that many have, is thinking that being original or innovative equals to inventing something totally new. I disagree. If you re-invent a new way of doing old things, you are being creative!

Therefore if you embrace creativity you will probably increase the value that you add to everything you produce. Thus improving your contribution to your family, friends, company, clients and community.

TOP 6 Solutions to Increase the Level of Innovation and Creativity in Your Life

1. Efficiency is KEY

Often when you are forced to think of solutions with very little to no resources, you are also forced to think creatively on a solution that solves a problem, or a better solution to implement in substitution to an inefficient one.

Some of my best ideas, where born from fixing something in a simpler way. For example, I started my blog with about 10 € to register my domain, and 0 € (Zero) to have a hosting account. I could have invested a lot more, but I didn’t. I set limitations in order to make far more with far less than I thought it was possible. As a result, I had to be creative and it worked very well.

Innovation thrives on efficiency and frugality.

“Constraints during the earliest stages of a hardware company’s life force founders to carefully allocate resources to find creative solutions.” (Blog Bolt)

2. Start from Zero

When you’ve worked years in the same company, or have been trying the same solutions in your personal life, you get the feeling that it’s far more difficult to experiment other ways to achieve the same or even better results. You even dismiss other options.

Well if something isn’t working well as before, one solution is to build something from the ground. Force yourself to search a new way. Some call this creative destruction.

This is one of the hardest things to do because it makes you leave your “comfort zone”. As unpleasant it may sound, in my opinion, it’s one of the most profitable ways to invest in improving your innovation skills.

So study exactly how you are doing things presently, and then start planning (doesn’t matter if you don’t get it right in the first attempt) new solutions, building them from zero.

3. Build Solutions Focusing on Others

Think about it: If you only think of yourself when trying to be creative, you can easily find one or two solutions that will satisfy. On the other hand, if you focus on others, you will try to find solutions that can reach as many individuals as you can. Thus you have to think how others will recognize your work, how will they use it. What will be the first impression when looking at what you’ve done.

When choosing the theme for my blog, I wanted something that I liked, but also that others would perceive as attractive, worthwhile and interactive. Hopefully, I got that right. Let’s wait for the feedback.

4. Be Positive

Well, this one is obvious. If I’m in a good and positive mood, my levels of creativity clearly increase. On the other hand, if I’m in a negative mood, my creativity goes to zero (0).

Also, there is some evidence that supports this #4 point.

So if I’m feeling good, I try to find innovative solutions. If not I’ll wait until there’s a more appropriate moment.

5. Study How Creativity is Created

Whether you’re a painter, a musician or a writer, study how peers in your field achieve innovation and excellence. Observe the extraordinary examples and methods that you have in your area, and eventually, you too will create great things of your own.

When I started this blog, weeks before I observe how others (far better than I) did their work. How they plan, how they deal with social media, what help do they get, what tools do they use. Some inspire me, others I’m still trying to figure it out, but it definitely helped me to find my own solutions to build the website.

6. Start something. Now.

In my view creativity and innovation, as many other human tasks, require practice. If you want to be a great writer, you have to write something every day. If you want to be a painter, paint something every day. Blogger? Work on your blog every day.

According to Wikipedia, Pablo Picasso produced over 50 000 artworks in his life. If you divide that number by 91 (years old), you will have over 500 artworks per year (we know that he didn’t work as a baby…but still let’s simplify and accept the 91 years).

That’s more than 1 artwork per day.

You get the point.

The End

In conclusion and this is important: Every creative solution may have some critics. Some will be destructive (ignore them). Some will be constructive (embrace if you like). But remember that what makes history and will echo through eternity is creativity and innovation. And through that work, the artist will live forever.

Not the critics, or the bad reviews.

Don’t forget.

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Alicia Terry

Being a new blogger I have a thing on to do creatively! An article like this always helps to get me in the right mindset to create! It’s helped inspired me to write so thank you for that.

Troy @ Market History

You should really read Creativity, Inc. It’s a good book about how entrepreneurs can really think outside the box.


I really love this post because you talk about creativity in such practical terms. We often think of creativity as some airy creature that comes in fits of passion, but it doesn’t. We create creativity (how funny), and your six tips are focused, and really helpful. Thanks for this!

Joanne |


I try to be creative with things I have laying around the house to put to good use. For example, I have a couple of leftover baseboards I sanded and painted recently instead of throwing away. Now I have to figure out what I can do it to make it either some form of artwork to hang or a functional hook or something similar.


For new bloggers, everything might feel obscure and an unsure to put into writing their ideas into a clear canvas. Your article helps a lot to stay focused and let them realize their purpose and true-self.