How to Register Your Own Domain Name


Hello, World! Welcome to my first post ever!

As this is my first post, it seems only fair to start by writing about the path that leads to this post (Register Domain on NameCheap).

What steps did I take to begin this endeavor?

I would say that initially, you should decide what do you want to post. Because that can help you to decide the name of the blog. Then when you decide the name, you should register a domain. In my case I was first thinking about something like “grain by grain”, because this is part of a Portuguese proverb that goes something like “grain by grain the hen fills her belly”, and it means that if you are saving patiently (even if the savings are very small, like a grain small), you will eventually fulfill your goals. Unfortunately, the “” was taken.

Then I came up – with the help of my better half – with the “Growing from a Seed”. In the same way, represents what I want it to say. I will explain some aspects of the process of registering my domain.

So first step – domain:

Register my domain on NameCheap. (it’s really easy! And it’s working great for me!)


Then you’ll have to see if the domain is available. In this example I will use “”:



If you are satisfied, just press the button in front of the arrow, and then press “VIEW CART”. Note that you will pay an additional fee of 0,17€.



Here you have a lot of options. My option was for one year, and to “enable” WhoisGuard (it’s FREE). This option means that the domain will be private (your address will not show if someone wants to see). Disable this option if you want your address to show. Then press “confirm order”. If you don’t have an account it will ask some information in order for you to create an account in NameCheap. Then you can pay for your domain.

Finally, you will have the Payment Method. Here I personally used “Secure Card Payment”. But I DON’T recommend this method, only because it made me pay an additional fee in my bank of 0,32€.
(If I could do it again, I would have selected “Paypal” Payment Method)
And then press “Continue”.

So if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask. Other steps on the path to begin this blog will be addressed in future posts. Stay strong!





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Good luck with this endeavour 🙂

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