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17 Ways to Make Money Online


Today’s post is about ways of making money online. We have a list of 17 ways, and maybe one (hopefully more) could be useful for you. Also, I would like to add more websites to this list. Therefore leaving always up-to-date.

1- Patreon (

A website where they want to help every creator in the world achieve sustainable income;

2- Upwork (

A web-based platform for freelancing. There are millions of jobs posted and with over 3500 skills available. Some of the categories are Web developers, Mobile developers, Designers, Writers, Virtual Assistants, and much more.

3- Fiverr (

Another great freelancing web-based platform. As a result, it could be an excellent alternative;

4- AdSense

AdSense enables any individual to earn money from online content;

5- Media

One of the alternatives to AdSense is In conclusion, this is basically one more option to monetize, for example, a website.

6- Affiliate Marketing

With CJ affiliate (, Rakuten Marketing ( or Shareasale (;

7- Start a Blog

Create a blog, publish content, and make money through advertising, affiliate marketing or even selling a product;

8- Write an eBook

And sell it on your website or through amazon;

9- E-commerce

If you have a product, build a website and sell online. You can use platforms like;

10- Online Consulting

If you know how to do stuff – like building a blog for example – you can sell that service to other people through 1-1 consulting;

11- Etsy (

A marketplace to sell products online. You can sell homemade goods in areas like Clothing & Accessories, Jewelry, Craft Supplies & Tools and much more;

12- Earn Money with Photos

On sites like,,,,,, or;

13- Sell Websites, Domains or Apps


14- Social Networks

Build a group of followers on your social networks – it has to be a big number – and then sell advertising. Think Instagram for example;

15- Create Great Videos

And then monetize them on online platforms. Think YouTube;

16- Create a Newsletter

Collect emails, and then sell your products (or products from others) on your newsletter.

17- Write Posts

  • Basically, pays you to write posts. You have to write a list with at least 10 points. (Read more here:;
  • Another great site – but mostly for travelers – is the They will pay 75$;
  • submissions will pay 50$ for each accepted post;
  • it’s more flexible than others. As a result, they will pay up to 40$ for each accepted post;
  • has one great thing that is 10 million unique visitors online. You can have links to your blog, or you will receive depending on your post. Thus giving you some flexibility;

. . .

So this is my list with some options.  In conclusion, anyone could start earning money if any of these is suitable for your skills.

And you reader? Do you have other options? Share it. Therefore helping others to achieve financial freedom!

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What about PTC’s, Online Surveys, betting, forex… 😛

I recently started blogging myself for some extra income. So much info out there on how to monetize your blog. I am knee deep in info. Lets see how it goes. Best of luck with yours!

I’ve also been blogging for passive income for quite some time now. It takes a while to gain traction but once you get on a roll it can really be a complete game changer. You need to stick with it though as it can take a long time to see any results.