Mintos Income Update (May 2017)


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Today let’s talk about Mintos, my income, return, loans and updates to the platform.
First of all, as you know the inflation here in Europe remains moderately low and fairly stable. In the EURO area, it will be around (forecast) 1,9% in April 2017, from 1,5% in March 2017. This is near the ECB objective of around 2%. Therefore one could expect a rise in the interest rate.
Although this is possible, I’m personally a little bit skeptical because one of the main forces driving this inflation is the energy prices (7,5% in April 2017). Those prices tend to be highly unstable, and a sharp decline could drive the inflation (again) to low values. In conclusion, it’s very hard to predict the future.

Low interest

One of the obvious consequences of the low-interest environment created by central banks is that having a good return on a simple and safe Certificate of Deposit (CD) it’s very hard. Near impossible.

As a result, if an investor wants a little bit more return for his money, it has probably to go look somewhere else.

An Introduction to Mintos P2P Platform

Mintos is a P2P platform that I use to diversify my investments.
The number of registered investors is 24938. Thus is increasing on a monthly basis.
Also, the average net annual return is 11.67%.

Mine is a little bit lower (11,09%), but in my case, I try to invest with an additional layer of safety (buyback guarantee). Therefore if an investor is willing to invest without this layer, it probably can aim to a higher return.

Mintos April Developments

One of my favorite developments is that Mintos has converted the Net Annual Return block to a profit/loss summary where investors can see total earned income and expenditures. Therefore, investors can see an optimized preview of the results of their investments on the Mintos platform.


Supports Multi-Currency

Another important feature of Mintos is the support of Multi-Currency investments. This means that investors from around the world can have loans in their currency.
Also if you want to change your currency into another, you can do it inside the platform, without using a bank for example. This service has a fee that is low and displayed upfront before conversion. Therefore more transparent.


Link for Investments

One suggestion: if you use the link on this post to start investing on Mintos, they will give you 1% of your average daily balance (30 days). And then review any increase on that balance in 60 and 90 days.
Example: Daniel refers Sara who starts investing via Mintos marketplace. After 30 days the average invested balance Sara has had over the period is EUR 3,500, so we will credit 1% of EUR 3,500 (or EUR 35) into Daniel’s investor account, and another EUR 35 into Sara’s investor account. After 60 and 90 days, we will review the average invested balance again and, if it increases, credit both Daniel’s and Sara’s investor account accordingly.

And you reader? Do you believe in P2P investing? Have you invested with Mintos? Tell us about your experiences and strategies! Thanks!

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I have an account with Lending Club but have not funded it yet. I need to research it more to see if it’s a good prospect for me to add to my portfolio. The potential for earning over a 10% return is making me salivate though 🙂