MINTOS – P2P Platform (April 2017)


An Introduction to Mintos

Today it’s time to talk in more detail about Mintos, one of the P2P Platforms that I have invested in. You can see some initial information here.

Mintos is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, where investors can lend their money to borrowers. As a result, this is an alternative to the traditional banking system.

The number of registered investors is 22646. And the average investment per investor is 4 025€.

Mintos Characteristics

  • Minimum Amount to invest in a loan: 10 EUR;
  • Loan Originators: ID Finance, Eurocent, Capital Service S.A., Aasa Global, Mozipo Group, NORD Lizings, IFN Extra Finance, ITF Group, Aventus Group, Creditstar, AgroCredit, Lendo, Kredito garantas, ACEMA, Aforti Finance, Banknote, Capitalia, Cream Finance, Debifo, Hipocredit, Mano Unija and Mogo;
  • Fees:
    • Opening an investor account: Free of charge;
    • Service fee: 0%;
    • Loan sale in the secondary market: 1% of the amount sold;
    • Withdrawal to bank account: Free of charge;

Filters to Select a Loan


In this image, you can see some options where you can look for the perfect loan to invest.

On top of them, you have the currencies available. Therefore if you prefer EURO, you can select that option. Consequently, all the entries will show loans in EURO.

Then you have “Term” where you can choose the period (in months and days) left until the full repayment of the loan. Those gray columns give you an idea of how much loans you have. Hence the bigger gray column (the first one), indicates that there are a lot of loans with a short-term (< 3 months).

Another important feature is the “Interest Rate”. Broadly speaking, and in my opinion, the higher the interest rate, the superior will be the risk.

Also look at the left sidebar with the title “Additional Filters”, and there you have a lot of options where you can “refine” your search for the perfect loan. Most noteworthy is the option “Buyback Guarantee”. I personally prefer to look for loan options to invest with this characteristic. In my opinion, it’s an additional layer of safety, even if it means a lower interest rate.


In conclusion, I believe that this is an excellent platform to diversify. They have a lot of loans to invest, and they make it easy for any individual to select exactly what it wants. As a result, this is the platform where I invest the majority of my capital (in terms of P2P investments). And as things are working great for me, I really hope to invest more in the future.

And you reader? Do you believe in P2P investing? Have you invested with Mintos? Tell us about your experiences and strategies! Thanks!

See you soon!

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