10 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life Immediately


Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify, simplify.

― Henry David Thoreau, Walden and Other Writings

1- Don’t Multi-task

From what I’ve learned, computers can do multi-tasking. You can’t. What you are doing is switching very fast from task to task. Thus lowering your attention to each assignment, and eventually being less productive.

Solution: Every task requires a specific mindset, so do things in batches, like answering all your emails, then cook your dinner, then make some other thing. You will be more effective and probably won’t ruin your meal. Also and overall you will be faster, and feel less stressed.

2- Focus on the Real Important Steps

An Italian Engineer, called Vilfredo Pareto, was responsible for the 80/20 rule. Roughly speaking this rule states that 80% of the results are achieved by 20% of the efforts. Therefore if you believe in this, you will try to focus on the important part of any process.

When you stop worrying about every little – and not important – detail, you will still achieve great results while living a more relaxed life.

3- Invest only In Assets That You Fully Understand

I don’t invest in things just because everyone is investing. I don’t invest in products that I don’t understand. And most of all I really don’t invest in things that are too complex.

4- Learn to Switch Off

We live in a deeply connected world, which leads to a constant stream of distractions. Thus learn to switch off your smartphone, computer or television. Learn how to address only the important issues, and to have time for yourself.

5- Consider a Smaller Car

(Or even better: Consider no car at all)

I know people that only need a car once or twice a month. Why buy a car at all? You have to pay a huge amount of taxes, gas, maintenance, repairs, harder to park and high devaluation. Consider a smaller car or even a motorcycle. Better yet: if you only need a car sometimes in a year, why not rent one? Or why not use one of the many apps if you need a ride?  Do the math.

6- Consider a Smaller House

Again you will have to pay more taxes, maintenance, higher price, and sometimes for space that you don’t REALLY need. Why not consider a better located and smaller one? Therefore you can save time in commuting to work for example. Or even avoid buying a car (see #5).

Also, imagine the time you will save cleaning. In conclusion, this will greatly simplify your life.

7- Avoid Any Kind of Debt

I think debt is complicated. It can lead a person to a stressful situation.

Therefore I try to avoid debt. And if I had one loan (or several)… I would be working hard to pay it all as soon as possible. Also, I don’t like credit cards.

8- Try to Limit Your Options

Having a lot of options can be time-consuming, and lead to regret or guilt (Why didn’t I choose the other one? Why?! Tell me God, why?).

If you limit your options, by increasing the level of requirements, you will gradually decrease the number of choices. When you get to one option, it’s all set and done.

9- Adjust the Goals in Your Life

Don’t try a lot of things at the same time. You can easily end up lost and confused.

Make a list of 2 important goals. Then divide those into smaller and simpler mini-goals. This will lead you to improve your focus and eventually to small victories. Thus giving you the strength and the positive feedback to keep going.

When you finish one, add another.

10- Declutter

Remove non-essential items from your life. Share old books, for example. Make giving and sharing a constant goal. You will feel wonderful and proud for that. Additionally, you will spend less time organizing and more enjoying life. Simple and efficient.


Photo by Julia Caesar

The End

In a nutshell, I would say that living a simpler and minimalist life it’s an excellent path to your personal growth. Therefore an important way of feeling relaxed and happy. Simplify!
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“Invest only In Assets That You Fully Understand”

So many times I’ve had to stop myself from investing in tech companies in which the price seems to be rapidly rising, BUT I have no idea what they do, who their customers are, how they earn revenue, etc. If I can’t understand the business, how can I be comfortable knowing it will continue to do well? If they do continue to do well, I just tell myself that I rather be informed than greedy I suppose.

Avoiding debt is something my partner and I are working on. We recently purchase our fist home and have been trying as hard as possible to pay off the mortgage while the interest rates are not overly high. This is not going to be easy though and we will need to establish a passive income (hopefully through blogging) to achieve this. All we can really do is try our best.