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Social Networks Update: From 158 to 1940 Friends and Followers!


Hello, my friends. Let’s Get Social!

Today I’m going to update the post about social networks in terms of friends and followers. I will try to update once a month to evaluate how my strategies are working out.

The goal is to expand the number of friends and followers in order to facilitate the exposure of posts or content that I find interesting to share. Also for friends and followers, it’s a lot easier to follow any new post on the blog.

Additionally, I’m beginning to find all the “social media” area very interesting. For an individual like me, that is trying to build from scratch a website with minimum investment, all the social networks available are proving to be an indispensable leverage. Thus maximizing the exposure of everything that I make or share.

Enough talking. Let’s go to the numbers.


So as you can see the improvement is significant. The major contribution is from VK. Therefore the numbers are not increasing uniformly between all the social networks.

Right now I’m not worried about this because the name/brand “Growing from a Seed” has no recognition in the blog market (or any market whatsoever). Thus any friend or follower is a huge victory for me since it can be a potential reader.



This month I’ve changed my strategy. Now I’ve entered in some groups, and that helped increase my number from 5 to 60. Groups of bloggers are especially effective because, in my opinion, they are more supportive. On the other hand, if the group has thousands of members, it’s easy for your content, post or page to disappear in minutes.

In conclusion, the groups are an excellent way to start, but I’m not sure if it will be the best way to increase the number of followers and friends.

Groups: Bloggers Supporting Bloggers and Blogging Network.


Here I have the same opinion. An excellent network, but with a lot of information all the time. Very hard to stand out. What I’m trying to do is to follow users with the similar objectives and profile and to share a lot of content that could be useful.

Now every time I see a post or content that has quality, I make use of the sharing social buttons of that website and share it. Therefore my timeline on Twitter and Facebook has always good content that can be seen by friends and followers. Hopefully, that will attract more readers.


On Google Plus the strategy is similar to the one I applied on facebook. I joined communities in order to share content and to interact with other people with related interests. The results are more modest in comparison with other social networks.

Another strategy that I’m experimenting is the creation of “Collections” where I basically share content (mine and from others) by the topic of interest. Hence enabling my followers to read good content.

The collections are: “Amazing Photos”, “Blog Growing from a Seed”, “Social Media” and “Blog Examples and Tips”.

Finally, I’ve added a widget to my website, in order to facilitate future followers. Check the sidebar just under the Facebook widget.



Here I’m sharing photos, and interacting with other users. The increase on this network was a big surprise because I didn’t dedicate as much time as to others like Google+ for example. As a result, I will keep the same allocation of time/strategy, and we will see how it goes.


Nothing to add in terms of strategy here. I have pinned some useful information and improved my profile. Still trying to find out the best approach to use here. Therefore the increase in followers was not as expressive as I have wished.


Really lost here on Tumblr. If I find something that works, I will let you know. Zero followers.


Here I’m using a similar strategy that I’ve used on facebook. It has a lot of communities, and I’m trying to find the ones in English to facilitate the interaction.

Also, I recently created a new page of the blog. Thus I will try to gradually find followers.


One month, one more follower. Going forward I will try to change my strategy, and write posts directly on Bloglovin. Hopefully, I’ll have more engagement with others users and bloggers.

Also, the images that I used aren’t the best fit. There are some social networks, like this one, Pinterest and Google+ where is far better to use vertical images. Therefore I have to find a way of using more of this type of pictures.


As I said before, for me StumbleUpon is more than a social network. It’s a search engine the can bring you the best web pages on the subject that you’re looking for.

Also if your topic has some good content, it can bring some readers right away. The strategy, for now, is quite simple: add pages – mine and from others, and stumble. A lot. Also, 580 likes that I gave as we speak. In conclusion, I’m trying to attract new followers, through sharing great content.

. . .

Going forward I will invest in the strategies that are working out, and try new ones along the way.

Next month we will have a new update. By the way, if you want to help, please follow me on one or all social networks. (Thanks for supporting!)
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Bruce Schinkel

Thanks for sharing your growth, i really appreciate that you’ve outlined some of your strategies and the effort required!

Julie I Aloha Lovely

Nice breakdown of your growth. It’s a challenge to keep up with all the ways to promote. I have found Facebook groups a way to help organize the reach-out to other channels. Aloha!