Social Networks: From 9 to 158 Friends and Followers


How My Social Network is Increasing

A short post about my social network friends and followers. I already made a post in March, day 23, but since then, I’ve been working on how to increase those numbers. So let’s talk about each social network, one by one.

Facebook: I’ve been struggling to increase the number of followers of my page. At the end of March I had 5 (awesome followers), and no idea how I will bring more;

Twitter: Twitter is a social network with a lot of users, but it’s all so fast with so much information, that is hard to stand out. As a result, I end up with 47 great followers;

Google+: On the 23-03-2017, I had 1 follower on Google Plus. Since that day I got 19 more followers ending with 20. Still trying to find communities where I can interact with others about the subjects that I share some interest;

Pinterest: I really love this social network. In fact, it’s much more than that…it works wonderfully as a search engine. Still trying to fully understand how it works;

Instagram: Initially I didn’t have a profile. But for sharing images, it’s probably the best. Consequently I will try to have a strategy to increase followers, and hopefully, drive some traffic to my blog;

Tumblr: I really like Tumblr, but I have no idea how to increase followers. Until now: 0 (zero) have followed my blog/profile;

VK: “Vkontakte” means “In Contact” and it’s probably the most popular among Russian-speaking users. It’s based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and has approximately 400 Million users;

Bloglovin: It’s another one like Tumblr. Also no idea how to increase my presence. 1 (one) follower;

StumbleUpon: This is a social network as much as it is a search engine. I have used it to drive some people to my blog. Unfortunately for some days now, it stopped bringing traffic. Sad;





High or Low? Good or Bad?

In conclusion, I would say that my numbers are still very low. Thus I will try to work on different strategies to improve them.

I believe that having a strong presence in several social networks is important for sharing ideas without paying for advertising. Therefore increasing traffic for the blog.

And what about you my precious readers? What do you think about these numbers? Do you have some ideas worth sharing?

If you wish to help, follow me on one (or all) social networks! Thanks!

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I have about 26 followers on my page, but most of them are my friends anyway on FB. I started paying for advertising a bit to see it is pays off. I’ll know more in a couple of months. I think it’s ok to pay a little up front to leverage the power of social media. Companies like these can do so much with just a few clicks of the buttons on the back end to reach audiences.

Minimalist Kitchen Design

great tips. but always remember to always post a benefit ones and unique for your follower. it can make you have a stability traffic on every of your page or social media.

Troy @ Market History

Have you tried websites like Seeking Alpha? You can post investment/finance related articles on there, and I think people follow the authors that they like. It’s kind of like a longer version of Twitter (a lot of investors, traders, and pf bloggers tweet about their thoughts on twitter).

Interestingly Awesome

You seems to be doing great with Twitter. Is it easier compare to other social media? I to find it hard to gain followers on facebook and instagram as well. Thinking of trying out twitter. Any advice?