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How is the Blog performing

For now, the blog is just starting and has a low number of users visiting. I believe this is normal, but I don’t really know how to compare myself with others. So if you know any new blog, (less than 2 months) or you know some blog that publishes its statistics from the beginning leave a comment so I can compare it! Or give your opinion.

Another important aspect is perfecting my strategy in terms of being more consistent when publishing. And of course writing something that people actually want to read. Content is very important.

Users, PageViews, Location, Browsers


From 12-02-2017 until 23-03-2017 I have a total of 593 Users visiting the blog. It has 2 spikes of users, that are coincident with the publication of new posts.



This is kinda surprising for me because the US and Portugal have 80% of total users entering the blog. It’s highly concentrated.


And yet another surprise. I thought that Chrome was now the majority of the market for browsers. Apparently, the visitors of my blog prefer the Firefox. Me too.

Social Network – Friends, Followers

One thing that I was curious was the performance of the social networks. And I should say that I’m disappointed because it has been really hard to add new friends and followers. Maybe the content it’s not that interesting or maybe people want to see more results/performance, and fewer ideas/concepts.




That’s all folks. I will try to update this numbers at least 1 time a month. If you want additional numbers or statistics, just say the word!

Blog performance pinterest

See you soon!

If you wish to add something to this thoughts, please feel free to comment.
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Don’t worry much about the lack of visitors in the beginning, just keep making great posts with quality and Google will help you get more readers (if you also did your SEO homework).

But don’t forget you write in English, when you decided to write in this international language you should know that this blog would start as a drop in an ocean of blogs!

p.s. I still miss the “subscribe comments” feature. I already commented on other post but can’t remember which and don’t know if you already replied my comments :\

mustard seed money

Keep up the great work. The numbers will follow. I found that pinterest is a great way to increase growth but being part of a community really helps as well.

Troy @ Market History

That’s actually pretty impressive for a new site. I have a question. Assuming that you’re using wordpress, what plugin are you using for the “this post has 154 views”?

Interestingly Awesome

Your traffic seems decent for a new blog? How do you usually get traffic to your site? I tend to get a small spike then it drops each time i post as well. Suppose that is normal. Looking forward to your upcoming traffic updates.

Erik @ The Mastermind Within

Looks to be a great start to me! For my blog, I thought I was doing well when I got 1.6k in the first month and 2.9k in the second month! Now on month 4, I’m going to get around 3.5k… Only way to go is up!