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How Education is Important

As we all know education is the process in which we acquire skills, knowledge, and values. As a result, it’s important that we invest in this process in order to know how to do more things, i.e., to be more independent, to help others, to provide services our even build products.

Also and broadly speaking, I believe that education can transform and evolve our current society into a more tolerant and constructive space. I trust that this could help solve problems for people leaving us with a better place to live.

Free and Self-paced

UNESCO estimates that the number of universities is about 17 000 in the world. Although this is an excellent contribution to the process of education, thanks to the internet, we now have a lot of online courses where we can learn important skills and even earn a degree.

Some are free, others have fees but normally a lot more inexpensive than physical universities. Thus you don’t have to get yourself into debt to finance the process of learning new things. This is noteworthy because now people that don’t have money can access to good (and free) courses, as long as they have access to a computer with internet.

Another excellent feature is that some of them are self-paced. Therefore you can have them while working for example. Or even while studying in a physical university (complementing your education).

Here is my list of websites with FREE courses

1. Coursera

With over 2000 courses, Coursera is one of the best websites to learn some new subjects. Additionally, they have 149 university partners.

2. Udacity

Udacity has one particular strategy, that is project-based online classes, this means that when you finish a degree, you will actually have some projects to show.
Also, they have 15 Nanodegree programs, most of them with leading companies as partners.

3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy has thousands of solutions in areas ranging from Maths, Computing, Science & Engineering, Economics & Finance, etc. Therefore you have here another excellent alternative to start learning.

4. Udemy

One thing I love about Udemy is that you can see the ratings that other learners gave to the course. So if one of them has 4.5 (Rating 1 to 5), among 2000 ratings,  it will probably be valuable!

5. EDX

EDX is a platform where you have excellent partners like MIT, Harvard, Berkeley, etc. They are a provider that is both nonprofit and open source. In terms of courses, they have over 1300.

6. Code Academy

The place to learn to code. Over 25 million learners have joined this platform.

7. Alison

In Alison you can chose between 800+ courses. More than 10 million learners already tried this platform.

8. MIT Open Course Ware

MIT list of courses that you can take. Enjoy!

9. Open Culture

Free Online Courses, movies, audio books, eBooks, textbooks, etc. A great place to start learning.

10. Open Yale Courses

Provides a free and open access to introductory courses. “Financial Markets” with Robert J. Schiller is truly amazing. Recommend to absolutely everyone.

11. Harvard Medical School – Open Courseware Initiative

From the website: “The mission of the Harvard Medical School Open Courseware Initiative is to exchange knowledge from the Harvard community of scholars to other academic institutions, prospective students, and the general public.”

12. TED Talks

Short and powerful talks where you can learn about everything.

13. Draw Space

Draw Space, where everyone can draw.

14. Kutz Town

The Kutztown SBDC offers 25 Online Learning Programs. Subjects like: Accounting, Business Planning, Finance, Legal, Marketing, and Management Development.

15. Open Learn

Over 1000 free courses from The Open University.

16. BBC Languages

Learn a language with BBC Languages!

17. Duolingo

Another place to learn a language.

18. Justin Guitar

Free guitar lessons.

19. Creative Over Flow

For anything creative!

20. Open2Study

More Free courses. Open2Study is backed by Open Universities Australia (OUA).



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I’m starting to listen to Ted talks. I like them just for the reasons you mentioned and plan on talking about one I heard in a future post. There are so many good resources out there for FREE that enables people to invest in themselves. Thanks for sharing!

Erik @ The Mastermind Within

Hey GFAS, how many of these have you tried? Are there any that you would recommend for someone looking to improve their web skills?